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Vallée de Bamyan

EPA (Ensemble Pour l’Afghanistan- Together For Afghanistan) is a general interest association, under French law of 1901, established in 1998 and based in Grenoble, France.


Since 2003 EPA drives a Development Aid Program in Kabul province, based on a long term roadmap and approach.


Our program is deployed over two areas: urban, in Kabul District 7 and rural, since November 2014, on the village of Alice Ghan  (60 kms north of Kabul).


Key areas of intervention


·       Early Childhood Schooling

·       Girls' education and teacher training;

·       Women's access to education, training and health

·       Micro Credit for peasants and craftsmen.



Our multidimensional but district-specific approach aims to assess the interactions and synergies between the different action streams and measure their overall impact and dynamics.

The global approach thus allows us to build benchmarks that we regularly share with local institutions and NGOs, with the aim of being able to replicate it on a larger scale.

What is a Euro (1 €) for EPA projects?
  • 1 hour of literacy, english or sewing lessons for 10 to 20 women.

  • or 1 hour of extracurricular support lessons for 30 to 40 children.

  • or 1 day for a child in our nursery school (meal included).

  • or 1 day at the university (transport, canteen) for a student benefiting from our graduate scholarships.

  • or 1 consultation in gynecology or pregnancy follow-up, in our dispensary

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